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Dalgona Coffee - Davidoff

Lockdown due to pandemic has given us so many chances to learn new things. And we all preferred cooking and trying out new recipes the most. Here we are bringing you the most easy and famous recipe of Dalgona Coffee if you've missed any chance preparing it!

Made popular by South Korean actor Jung-II Woo, it went viral recently on a social media portal Dalgona Coffee is nothing but your old beaten Indian coffee with a twist! The only difference is that the beaten coffee is made with hot milk while Dalgona Milk is made with cold or chilled milk. 



1. Make coffee mixture.

To prepare this delicious coffee, take a bowl and mix equal quantities of coffee powder, sugar and hot water.


2. Beat coffee mixture using a hand blender or whisker.

Now, using a whisker or hand blender, blend the coffee mixture until it is light, frothy and creamy. This might take a good amount of time.

dalgona coffee

3. Prepare the Dalgona Coffee.

Now, take 2 glasses or coffee mugs and add ice cubes in it as per your convenience. Pour cold milk in them and add this beaten and whipped coffee over it. Serve chilled.

And it is ready !!

Write us at your experience making is quick and simple recipe. Happy cooking.

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